Expect more squads on freeways during Thanksgiving travel weekend

Milwaukee Sheriff David Clark has announced the launch of "Operation Safe Drive," a program that will place more deputy squad cars on the freeway system during the four-day Thanksgiving holiday weekend. Goals of the program include deterring traffic violations and keeping Thanksgiving travelers safe.

AAA reports that more Wisconsinites will travel over Thanksgiving weekend this year than last, and with that in mind, Sheriff Clarke says 183 deputies will stagger their schedules during Thanksgiving weekend, with a high concentration of deputies out on Wednesday and Sunday, when traffic volume is expected to peak.

Sheriff Clarke says drivers should focus on driving the speed limit, not driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs, wearing their seat belts, not texting while driving, and avoiding senseless road rage. The Southeast Jurisdictional OWI Task Force, consisting of 60 officers from 15 agencies will be targeting impaired drivers.

"We will aggressively hunt down drunken and impaired drivers. Seat belt use is the single most effective way to protect someone from being ejected from a car, or thrown around violently inside during a crash. Texting while driving is dangerous! Don't do it! Put the damn phone down and drive!" Sheriff Clarke said.