EXCLUSIVE: Woman says she was victimized by same teens suspected in dozens of robberies

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Milwaukee police have arrested five teens they say were behind dozens of robberies occurring over a three-day period. Now, FOX6 News has learned of a woman who believes she was victimized by this same group of teens -- minutes before one of them was shot and killed.

The 15-year-old suspect was shot and killed near 2nd and National -- by a 30-year-old West Allis man he was trying to rob.

Police arrested five suspects believed to be part of a group responsible for “dozens” of Milwaukee-area robberies committed over a three-day period — including the 2nd and National attempted armed robbery that resulted in the fatal shooting.

The suspects arrested by police are: two 14-year-old boys, a 16-year-old boy, a 17-year-old boy, and an 18-year-old man.

Minutes before the shooting at 2nd and National, a woman says she was robbed at 27th and Mineral by the same group of teens.

"He was at my side with a gun at point-blank range," the woman says.

FOX6 News is not identifying the woman.

She says she picked up a friend at 27th and Mineral early Monday morning, September 1st. In an instant, a gun was at her head.

"He said 'don't move.' He opened the door and said, 'Give me everything you have,'" the woman said.

Two other teens went to attack her friend -- a theology student who began to pray.

Neither had much money to give the teens. The woman says two other teens yelled to the boy who held her at gunpoint.

"It was just -- 'shoot them. They have nothing. Just shoot them. Kill them,'" the woman says.

The woman says the teens took her cell phone. She says she begged for her life, as the mother of a young boy.

"The phone they had had a picture of my son as the backdrop and I said 'that little boy on the phone -- he's five,'" the woman said.

The woman says the group of teens took off.

"Before he left, he rubbed my left arm trying to console me -- like it was going to be okay. It was weird," the woman said.

As the woman and her friend were at the police station, reporting what happened to them -- another call for help came in. This time, news that a 15-year-old suspect had been shot and killed by a man believed to be his next victim.

Milwaukee police have confirmed there were some robberies in the area of 27th and Mineral that this same group of teens is believed to be responsible for.

Police say they are investigating 35 robberies at this point.

The 30-year-old West Allis man whom police say shot and killed the 15-year-old suspect and 2nd and National is not in custody.

Police identified that 15-year-old as Camron Powell. They say he was a "known gang member" with a lengthy arrest record.

Police say he had previously been arrested for armed robbery, auto theft, fleeing and theft.

Police say he was a victim in a non-fatal shooting that occurred on August 1st in the 3100 block of N. 55th Street.

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