Exclusive: Independent probe into Michael Bell murder released

KENOSHA -- FOX6 News obtained parts of an independent investigation into the death of Michael Bell Jr., who was killed by Kenosha police in 2004. The FBI is also taking at look at the report created by private investigators.

While standing where his son died, the family's driveway, Bell said, "I have no problem with the fact the officer might have made a mistake. That is part of his line of duty." That alleged mistake revolves around the driver side mirror where Officer Strasbaugh's holstered gun got caught.

Bell's team of investigators believes officers thought Bell was going for his gun, and that's when Strasbaugh's gun caught caught. Another officer stepped in and shot Michael Bell Jr.

Retired Kenosha Detective Russell Beckman who's signed affidavit is part of the private investigation documents, declined to say if he was told to lie. In his affidavit, he said, "The officers involved, and more than likely the supervising and investigating police officials chose not to tell the truth."

The Kenosha Police Department has no comment about Bell's investigation. In 2010, the family was awarded nearly two million dollars in a settlement with the City of Kenosha. Bell Sr. says that money funded the private investigation.

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