Exclusive 1-on-1: VP Pence says he, Pres. Trump 'both negative' after valet diagnosed with COVID-19

MILWAUKEE -- Vice President Mike Pence told FOX6's Jason Calvi Thursday, May 7 he tested negative for COVID-19 after news broke that a valet serving President Donald Trump tested positive.

The White House confirmed that a member of the military who serves as one of President Trump's valets tested positive for COVID-19. President Trump told reporters he had very little personal contact with that person.

FOX6's Jason Calvi: A personal valet of President Trump has contracted COVID-19. Does that mean the president has to go into quarantine?

"Well, I would refer any of those questions to the White House physician, but I am happy to report that the president and I have both been tested since we learned of that development and we both tested negative to the coronavirus."

"Well, I must tell you that the American people are well aware of how contagious the coronavirus is," said Pence. "We have strong, strong screening measures in place at the White House, and I'm very confident those will continue to be in effect as we put the president's health and the health of all of us that serve around him first, but I must tell you, we have great confidence in the White House physician's team, and we'll continue to move forward, focusing on the health and well-being of the American people."

FOX6's Jason Calvi: Those CDC guidelines that you mentioned, though, they do say that somebody who comes into contact with somebody with COVID-19 -- that they should self-quarantine. Does that mean the president needs to do that now?

"Again, I would just refer any of those questions to the White house physician's office," said Pence. "I must tell you, for the president, and for myself, our focus is on the health of the American people. You know. we stand here today, more than 70,000 Americans have lost their lives to the coronavirus. Our hearts go out on this National Day of Prayer to all of those families impacted, and to the thousands of Americans who are struggling with serious illness because of the coronavirus. They are in our prayers, as well, but, despite those heartbreaking loses, the reality is, thanks to what the people of Wisconsin have done, people across this America, this great county, have done, we've slowed the spread. We've saved lives, and I truly do believe when you look at the fact that cases are low and steady on the West Coast, that the most hard-hit areas of the New York City area, New Orleans and Detroit, we continue to see downward trends in cases and hospitalizations. It's a great credit to the American people, and I know that as all of us continue to do our part, and someday soon, we'll put this coronavirus in the past, and we'll continue to work with governors."

FOX6's Jason Calvi: "We've got some big events this summer that haven't been canceled. You know, all these concerts have been canceled, summer events, sports have all been canceled, but two events are still going on. That's the DNC here in Milwaukee, as well as your RNC. What's the likelihood that both of these conventions will need to be virtual this summer?"

"Well, I think that'll be decisions that will be made as time passes, but I must tell you, when you look at the progress the American people have made in dealing with the coronavirus, when you look at the progress the people of Wisconsin has made, we continue to be hopeful that we're going to be in a very different place, by June of this year, and the American people, while we'll continue to practice the good hygiene, practice a measure of social distancing going forward, as we develop medicines, thereapuetics, vaccines, we really believe we have an opportunity because of the progress we're making to see Americans not only get back to work, but get back to all of the great traditions of this country, including, we hope, the great political conventions."

FOX6's Jason Calvi: "So, we may see you in North Carolina this summer, Mr. Vice President?"

"That is my hope -- that we'll be in North Carolina," said Pence.