Every vote counts: Volunteers hit the streets to help citizens get to their polling place

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Getting to the polls is a challenge when you don't have transportation to get there. But today, volunteers hit the streets to get voters connected with their polling place.

For some, the big worry today isn't about who, or what they've voting for -- but rather how they'll get to the polls. Good news for them, there are hundreds of people in the area who spent Tuesday volunteering for their time, their vehicles, and their own gas money to get voters where they need to go.

It's Paul Cebar's 4th time heading to the polls today -- and no, he's not trying to cheat the system. He's making sure no one feels cheated out of their vote just because they don't have a ride to their polling place.

The last maybe 5 elections, I've gone and voted early myself so I was freed up to bring others to the polls," said Cebar.

Cebar is one of hundreds volunteering their time with Citizen Action of Wisconsin.

"There's a surprisingly large number of people who can't get their because of issues with public transit, because of work, because of all that stuff. So we bring volunteers from across the  Milwaukee area," said Kevin Kane, Organizer for Citizen Action of Wisconsin.

That's how Paul Cebar met Luci Gaynor Hunter.

"This ride is very important. Because my vote wouldn't have been cast today," said Luci.

Luci is especially grateful for this ride, since she had to go from one side of town to the next. From a polling place she was volunteering at, to the one she was registered at.

"I was caught in sort of a dilemma, then I called on these people and I really thank god, I don't have the words," said Luci.

And then, of course, Cedar drove her right back and was on his was to meet another voter.

"I believe a lot more people would get out to vote if they knew that you had service like this," said Luci.

The ride program Tuesday with Citizens Action of Wisconsin is non partisan. Drivers are asked not to wear any political clothing, or give their personal opinions on the election.

So far, more than 300 riders have been driven to and from their polling places in the Milwaukee area -- just with this organization.

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