'Enjoy the wildlife:' West Bend's Shalom Wildlife Sanctuary offers unique educational experience

WEST BEND -- Need a "pick me up?" Then you may want to consider driving to Shalom Wildlife Sanctuary in West Bend.

Shalom Wildlife Sanctuary

The animals at the sanctuary eat a lot of apples and oranges -- and one thing that people have been doing during the COVID-19 pandemic is donating food so the animals keep getting fed.

"We have 750 animals that we feed every day, seven days a week, no matter what. They need care no matter what. What we've done is take our normal season where you can walk or take a golf cart to a drive-through, when you're with your family, safe," said David Fechter. "It'll take one to two hours. You can enjoy the wildlife and educational signage along the way. A lot of educational things to keep the kids involved with what's going on and they're gonna learn something."

Shalom Wildlife Sanctuary

Learning something is just one thing you get out of this tour. Families get a smile and experience like no other.

"Definitely with the coronavirus, people are looking for things to do as a family. Get outdoors, and when you connect with nature, it puts happiness on everybody's heart," Fechter said.

Shalom Wildlife Sanctuary

People can come to see the animals at the zoo - and enjoy everything that Shalom Wildlife Sanctuary has to offer.

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