Employees of 3 North Shore McDonald's restaurants demand jobs back

GLENDALE (WITI) -- As McDonald's workers walked off the job on Thursday, December 5th in a protest over low wages, there was a protest of a different kind at a Glendale McDonald's. This one involved terminated workers demanding their jobs back.

Dozens say they were fired this week after a new owner took over three North Shore McDonald's restaurants.

"I was one of the employees that was wrongfully let go. We're not going anywhere. We demand our jobs back," said a terminated employee.

On Tuesday, December 3rd Robert Pyles identified himself as the new owner of the three McDonald's restaurants in Glendale, Fox Point and Mequon, who took over after the former owner of those restaurants was indicted and accused of using McDonald's to fund drug trafficking and money laundering.

Some current employees said they feel there will be repercussions, but joined Thursday's protest anyway.

"I've worked with everything I got to keep this job," a woman named Jasmine told FOX6 News.

Jasmine says she used to be a shift manager at the Glendale McDonald's, but after an eight-hour closing shift, she says she got a call saying she was fired.

"I have kids. No dads around to help me support my kids. I'm doing this alone and I have nothing," Jasmine said.

Jasmine and others fear a long December with no source of income and a very "unMerry" Christmas for their families.

On Tuesday, the new owner released the following statement:

“My organization is an equal opportunity employer. As the new owner of these McDonald’s restaurants, I held meetings with existing employees to ensure they were adequately notified of the change in ownership. I also made them aware of my hiring process, which gave them an opportunity to apply for positions in my organization. As a result of the hiring process, several applicants were not hired. To respect the privacy of those individuals, it would not be appropriate to comment further.”