Elections officials prepare for influx of voters, ballots Tuesday

MILWAUKEE -- With just hours before voters head to the polls to decide the 2012 election, officials were busy at Milwaukee-area polling places -- making sure everything is in order ahead of Election Day.

At Milwaukee's City Hall, City of Milwaukee Election Commission officials were busy answering the phones, and answering voters' questions the day before the polls open.

"People feel passionately about making sure they are voting, and their ballot," City of Milwaukee Election Commissioner Neil Albrecht said.

Meanwhile, poll workers prepared for an influx of voters and ballots.

"I think that it's a pivotal point in our country, and I think that it's a time that this country can go two different ways. It's a very important election," Scott Friedrich said.

Albrecht says there were over 36,500 early voters in the city of Milwaukee. That's roughly 5,000 more early ballots than were cast in the 2008 elections, and in significantly less time.

"A lot of people exercised the opportunity to (vote) early because they were concerned that something would come between them and voting on Election Day," Albrecht said.

In an effort to make the sure the process of voting runs as smoothly as possible on Tuesday, Albrecht has some suggestions for voters. First, he encourages folks to find out the location of their polling place, and know who will be on hand at said polling places, monitoring the process.

"We have the voters themselves, we have election workers and we have observers. The only people who should be talking to a voter in an voting room are the election workers. Observers are not allowed to engage voters," Albrecht said.

Albrecht also suggests voters have patience, and an appropriate attitude.

"Think of your voting experience as an adventure. Be as positive and as prepared as you can be," Albrecht said.

Albrecht says voters may want to avoid heading to their polling place between the hours of 7:00 a.m. and 9:00 a.m. -- as voter volume tends to peak during that time frame.

Voters who do not need to register at the polls will not need to show a photo ID to cast a ballot. However, voters who must register on Election Day must show a photo ID and proof of residency.