Election officials say Tuesday's voter turnout likely on track

MILWAUKEE -- Voters took to the polls on Election Day in Wisconsin - Tuesday, April 3rd, and poll workers say they believe we're on track to meet the predicted voter turnout for this election.

Voters started filing in to their respective polling places as soon as the doors opened Tuesday morning, and poll workers say the volume ebbed and flowed all day long. Early, there were about a half-dozen sites with machine problems, delaying the process, but restarting the machines fixed the problem.

For Nathan Matthews, the problem was just the act of voting itself. "I was told I must be a resident of my community for at least 28 days before I can vote, although I am a registered voter," Matthews said. The problem - Matthews is a registered voter in the state of North Carolina, and he has only lived in Wisconsin for three weeks, one week shy of the requirement to vote. However, Matthews said Tuesday he will try again in the next election.

Peg Gillick shared Matthews' desire to make her voice heard Tuesday. She said it took longer than usual to pick her candidates, but said voting is a privilege she didn't want to miss out on. "If we remain mindful of the fact that it is a privilege, then whatever mental exercise or extension of that exercise that's required is okay," Gillick said.

An issue that came up several times at the polling places was people voting for presidential candidates in both political parties. In a presidential-preference primary, that's not allowed, and that's why Donnie Bogle's initial ballot was ripped up. "I just thought that you were supposed to vote for whomever you wanted to see in the final election, so that's what I did. I voted for a Republican and Barack Obama," Bogle said. Bogle got it right the second time around, and his vote was counted.

A few other complaints FOX6 News heard about on Election Day involved campaign signs on city or county property, and some voters didn't like having to sign the poll book before receiving their ballot. A few reported they went to the wrong polling site, which was a concern after some polling sites were changed during redistricting.