Elderly man robbed, shot while watering lawn in Chicago: "Ridiculous -- You're not even safe in your own yard"

CHICAGO -- A man in Chicago was shot while out watering his lawn -- and the incident was caught on camera.

Bullet casings were found scattered on a sun-baked block at 71st and California on Chicago's south side.

"I heard the gunshot and I ran out here and he was, like, dazed in the street," Lois Walker said.

Surveillance video from a neighbor's home shows exactly that.

71-year-old Frederico LaGuardia was out watering his front lawn when two men on bicycles rode up and robbed him of his wallet before firing a shot into his abdomen.

The video shows the garden hose going airborne -- and the suspects pedaled off.

"It's just absolutely ridiculous. You're not even safe in your own yard," Teryeyah Griggs said.

More than 40 other Chicago families know how that feels after a bloody Labor Day holiday weekend.

Gunshots forced a brand new baby into the world early, after someone fired at least 17 shots at his mom and dad, who were sitting on their front porch.

"The men and women in CPD are clearly doing what we want them to do. We're at 6,000 gun recoveries for the year. Clearly the police department is doing their job. I need our legislators and our judicial partners to help. It's as simple as that," Eddie Johnson said.

6,000 illegal guns have been taken off the streets, but still, 500 people have been killed this year in Chicago -- far more than the total for all of 2015.

LaGuardia had surgery after the shooting. Police said he was in fair condition.