Effort to remove Dimitrijevic as County Board chair underway

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- An effort to remove Marina Dimitrijevic as the Milwaukee County Board chairperson became official on Monday afternoon, April 29th.

Supervisors Mark Borkowski, Steve Taylor, Deanna Alexander held a joint news conference on Monday to talk about their effort to remove Dimitrijevic from her post. They are joined by John Weishan and Jim Schmitt, who did not attend Monday's news conference.

The supervisors say Dimitrijevic and Finance Committee Co-Chair David Cullen knew they weren't supposed to talk about a new contract with the employee union, AFSCME, but did so anyway.

"The first time I caught her, I let it slide. The second time that she did it, I spoke with her privately and she expressed regret. This third time, which includes many errors in judgment and evading the truth and doing so without an inkling of remorse leads me to say 'three strikes and you`re out,'" Supervisor Alexander said.

Chairwoman Dimitrijevic has issued a statement, saying “This political stunt is a distraction by people who support the state bill or the status quo. Many said we would never reform, and we have proved them wrong.”

In order to remove the chairwoman, 12 of 18 supervisors would need to sign off on it. The three supervisors at the Monday news conference believe it'll take some time, but they believe they can convince seven other members to remove Dimitrijevic. As of Monday evening, five supervisors had committed.

"What we`re going to have to do is go to our colleagues in the next week or so, one by one or two on one and basically make the case to them why this is needed. I think you`re going to see momentum going that direction. This isn`t a political stunt. This is serious business," Supervisor Taylor said.

Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele said in a statement, "I respect the five Supervisors behind this effort as well as the rest of the Board. I look forward to working with the Supervisors and whomever they feel should be their leader."

"We all recognize by taking a courageous stand like this, we are basically alienating ourselves. If we don`t win, then sure, this work environment is going to be poisonous," Supervisor Borkowski said.

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