'EBT tokens accepted:' Some farmers markets add new incentive to help families get more for their money

BROWN DEER --  Some farmers markets are adding new incentives to help families get more for their money.

Carol Butler

"The darker the fruit, the riper it'll be," said Carol Butler.

Farmers markets have been a part of Butler's life for years. On Wednesdays, you'll find Butler in Brown Deer, with a new sign above her stand that says, "EBT tokens accepted here."

"I think it helps the family. It helps everybody," said Butler.

2019 marked third year of accepting EBT cards at the Brown Deer farmers market, and new incentives were added to the program. Thanks to a partnership with Children's Community Health Plan, all EBT, WIC, and Senior Farmers Market Nutrition Program dollars are matched up to $30.

Brown Deer Farmers Market

Jonathan Hansen

In short, you can buy $60 worth of food for half the price.

"It's not only a great place for you to buy local produce using those benefits -- you can get a great deal on the produce, and you can also buy seeds for you to grow your own at home," said Jonathan Hansen, Hunger Task Force director of development.

Hunger Task Force officials were working to promote the incentives at farmers markets across the city.

"There are a lot of federal nutrition program benefits out there. Our staff are here to help folks connect to those programs, help them understand their eligibility, and help them understand how they can use those benefits here in Milwaukee," said Hansen.

Butler said she was hopeful more families would see the value in stopping by.

There are 19 farmers markets across the Milwaukee area that have programs like this. CLICK HERE to learn more.