Drivers trapped, multiple injuries after massive pileup involving more than 50 vehicles on icy I-90 in Ohio

PAINESVILLE, Ohio -- After a massive pileup crash near Lansing, Michigan -- believed to have been weather-related on Thursday, December 8th -- there was an even bigger pileup in Ohio.

It happened on I-90 in Lake County -- in Painesville, Ohio -- between Route 44 and Vrooman Road.

Eastbound and westbound I-90 were closed as a result of the crash -- involving more than 50 vehicles.

Officials with the Lake County Sheriff's Office said people were trapped in their vehicles, and there were multiple injuries.

The scene wasn't expected to be cleared for some time.

Earlier Thursday, according to the Lake County Sheriff's Office, there were about five jackknifed semis and multiple accidents in the area due to icy roads.