Drivers take note: Big changes coming to Zoo Interchange this weekend

MILWAUKEE -- The Zoo Interchange construction project hits a major milestone this weekend. An interchange that's been closed for months will reopen.

As part of the Zoo Interchange project, the I-94 West exit ramp to 84th Street is scheduled to reopen on Saturday, August 1st. Additionally, at this time, O'Connor Street at 84th Street will reopen and I-94 West traffic will shift north to the newly construction lanes between 70th Street and the Zoo Interchange.

Once the I-94 West exit ramp to 84th Street reopens, the I-94 West exit ramp at WIS 100 will close long-term.

During this closure, I-94 West motorists should utilize the newly opened 84th Street exit to Bluemound Road or Greenfield Avenue to access WIS 100.

"That may cause quite a significant change for some drivers. They are going to want to use 84th Street and either get to Bluemound or to Greenfield or consider the alternate route of heading north to Watertown Plank or going past Highway 100 to Moreland -- so be prepared that is a significant closure. It's over two years long,"

The I-94 West exit ramp to WIS 100 is scheduled to reopen for US 45 South traffic in late fall 2015.

Access to WIS 100 exit from I-894 northbound or I-94 will not be available until the end of 2017. Motorists wishing to travel from I-94 West to I-894/US 45 South should now utilize the 84th Street exit to Green Avenue to I-894/US 45 South entrance.

The DOT will also flip the 'Zipper Merge' at 68th Street. The lane reduction on I-94 West at 68th Street will switch from the right-hand lane to the left-hand lane as crews shift the work zone.

Motorists should utilize all lanes until they reach the merge point, and then take turns as they merge. As crews work to reconstruct and widen the westbound lanes of I-94, this lane reduction will be in place through 2015.

The good news? We're told the billion-dollar construction project is on schedule.