Driver takes off after hitting Marquette student and nearly striking squad

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- A Marquette student was hit by a car early Saturday morning around 2:30 a.m., August 23rd. A sheriff's squad car was nearly hit shortly after near the Marquette campus.

According to the Milwaukee County Sheriff's office, a deputy was at the intersection of Wells and North 17th St. when they came very close to getting hit. Just before that, a Marquette student was struck by a car.

FOX6 News does not know if it was the same driver, because the driver got away.

Graduate student Alexis Krueger witnessed the ebb and flow of Wells St. for most of her life. Saturday morning she heard the news; a car hit a fellow student.

"I've seen accidents here before. It sounds terrible that I'm used to seeing things. It's sucks but it kind or reminds you to be careful and watch out," said Krueger.

In fact, Krueger has a rule, she doesn't cross when the red hand is flashing.

"I think it's the number of pedestrians that increase your chances," Krueger said.

According to the sheriff's department, a deputy's car was nearly hit shortly after a call came in about a pedestrian being struck.

Incoming freshman, Cole Blazer and Mikey Zadroga have already been warned.

"We've been advised to walk with someone in the later hours and avoid going more west," said Blazer.

"Keep your eyes open and watch so you are not in that situation," said Zadroga.

The deputy found the vehicle but only after it had crashed and the driver was gone. The deputy suspected drunk driving.

"Driving is dangerous enough when you`re sober, let alone adding alcohol," said Krueger.

For the student who was struck, he was taken to the hospital with non life threatening injuries.

FOX6 News has not heard if a driver has been cited or arrested for either the hit and run, or the near miss of the sheriff's deputy.