'Donut worry, be happy:' Wauwatosa teen has own Cranky Al's donut

A Wauwatosa teen is on her way to becoming the next YouTube influencer. She's already partnering with local businesses.

Cranky Al's in Wauwatosa is known for its wide variety of donuts. Thursday, it debuted its newest creation — the Kitty Special. It's blue and yellow for a reason. 

Kitty Storey

Kitty Storey

"Yellow and blue are Down Syndrome Awareness colors," Kitty Storey said.

The "Kitty" donut was designed by 13-year-old Kitty herself because she knows her way around the kitchen. 

She has her own YouTube channel called "Cooking with Kitty."

It was a quarantine project that continues to grow. 

"We had to figure out a different way to do her independent living skills class, and so her teacher started sending us recipes weekly that they would typically do in class," Kitty's mom Kim Storey said.

Kitty Storey's YouTube channel

Kitty Storey's YouTube channel

Videos meant for her teacher, turned into a whole YouTube channel. It was originally a way for both her and her viewers to learn a thing or two. 

"I think it's important for people to see the person first before the diagnosis. To see her as a person and not just a child with down syndrome and autism, but seeing Kitty for Kitty and knowing that these people are capable of so much more than what we think they are," Kim said.

Kitty Storey

Her latest video shows the process behind creating the Kitty donut. 

The donut will be sold throughout the month of October as part of Down Syndrome Awareness Month. 

Kitty Storey's donut

All proceeds will go to the Down Syndrome Association of Wisconsin. 

And the Kitty — Cranky Al's partnership might go well past 2020. 

Kitty Storey

"She's amazing. I mean as soon as she turns 18 she's hired. She has a job," said Joey Carioti, Cranky Al's co-owner.

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The Kitty Special donut also uses local highlands honey.

A current YouTuber — and a future chef — she also always comes prepared with a pun. 

"Donut worry, be happy," Kitty said.

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