"Don't want my car towed:" 4+ inches of snow means special rules for parking in Milwaukee

MILWAUKEE -- Crews worked non-stop to clear the snow we saw fall across southeastern Wisconsin beginning Saturday, December 10th and continuing through Sunday, December 11th -- and because more than four inches of snow fell in Milwaukee, there were special rules in effect related to parking.

Officials with the City of Milwaukee Department of Public Works said there were close to 300 trucks on the roads throughout the day Sunday.

Those who park on the street should keep some things in mind -- to avoid a ticket and tow.

"I love to shovel! I just love to shovel snow," Patricia Monroe said.

Some on Milwaukee's East Side Sunday had some fun with the clean-up process.

"It`s just beautiful! I took a walk earlier and made a snow angel," Martha Wasserman said.

Monroe said she had been waiting for our first significant snowfall -- but she made sure to do something important on Sunday.

"I do not want another ticket and I do not want my car towed again," Monroe said.

DPW officials announced an overnight snow removal operation for the city -- activating the "Four-Inch Rule." 

Certain residential streets are posted “No Parking When Snow Falls 4 Inches or More.”

Parking is allowed on both sides of the street, except when snow has accumulated on the street surface to the depth of four inches or more. Then, no parking is allowed on the side of the street where the sign is posted until the snow has been removed — day or night or at any time of the year.

"If you see a Four-Inch Rule sign, you cannot park on that side of the street. All the other parking restrictions are still enforced," Laura Daniels with the DPW said.

On "48-Hour Exception" streets, drivers must park on the odd numbered side of the street Sunday night by 11:00 p.m. and on the even side of the street by 11:00 p.m. Monday.

"So this is the odd side night," Martha Wasserman said.

Drivers are encouraged to check posted street signs for parking rules. Restrictions posted on those signs should be followed.

Don't see a sign? You can check specific street regulations HERE.

Below is the latest update from DPW officials, as of 9:30 p.m. Sunday: