Dog owners prep their pooches for Thanksgiving

People were busy on Wednesday, gathering and prepping the Thanksgiving feast, and getting their homes in order for Thanksgiving's family gatherings, and many didn't miss even the small details, like making sure their pooch is in tip-top shape for family. Community Bark was busy Wednesday, from the shower suds to the snipping shears as dogs got prepped for the holiday season.

Community Bark in Bayside Wednesday was filled with paws, and owners wanting to make sure their dogs smell and look pleasant for this weekend's holiday gatherings. Community Bark owner and founder Andrew Appel says this is their third "Thanksgiving Week," and the first two taught him to expect double the number of dogs he's accustomed to on a typical Wednesday.

"Before Thanksgiving, everybody is looking to make sure their dogs look and smell really clean, so the day before, we have a busy, busy day," Appel said.

Dog groomers say despite the hectic day, they're excited to see the dogs come and go throughout the holiday season. "It's fantastic! You see people coming and going with smiles on their face, and everybody's in a good mood, and all the dogs are in a good mood, and it's a good time to be here," one dog groomer said.

Appel says the week of Thanksgiving, the week before Christmas, and the first few weeks of spring are the busiest time for Community Bark.