Dodge County sheriff: Numerous road signs stolen from Town of Hustisford over last year

TOWN OF HUSTISFORD -- Stop stealing road signs! That's the message from the Dodge County Sheriff's Office.

Officials say they have been working to investigate the theft of numerous road signs (examples below) that have been taken from the Town of Hustisford over the last year. They say there have been approximately 20 road signs that have gone missing.


To date, there has been an estimated loss to Hustisford in the amount of about $3,000.

Now, the sheriff's office would like to ask the community’s assistance in identifying where these signs have gone -- and who may have taken them. If you have any information regarding these thefts, you are urged to contact the Dodge County Sheriff's Office at 920-386-3726, extension 8 -- and ask to speak with an officer.

Meanwhile, the Dodge County Sheriff's Office issued this statement on the sign thefts:

"If you observe anyone tampering with signs or removing them, attempt to safely write down the license plate number of the vehicle and contact the sheriff’s office with that information.

"To those who have taken these signs, please return them to the Town of Hustisford ASAP so that the taxpayers are not forced to pay for replacement signage."