Documentary on Sikh Temple shooting premieres in Oak Creek

OAK CREEK (WITI) -- On a cold Thursday evening, March 13th, crowds arrived in Oak Creek ready for the big premiere of a documentary on the Sikh Temple shooting. The documentary shows how Oak Creek stood up against hate in the aftermath of the Sikh Temple shooting.

"No matter how many times we look at the videos like this or we look at the phone calls from Satwant's uncle, it just gets to us every time," Kamaljit Saini said.

Kamaljit Saini and his brother Harpreet lost their  mother in the Oak Creek Sikh Temple shooting.

"When a tragedy hits like this, you can't do anything," Harpreet Saini said.

Documentary filmmakers from California flew to Oak Creek two days after the August 5th, 2012 mass shooting. Through the camera lens, they captured the year that followed.

"Our first day that we spent in the Gudwara is an experience we will never forget," the film's executive director, Patrice O'Neill said.

While the tragedy is one of the greatest hate crimes in the last 50 years in America, O'Neill's film focuses on positive changes that emerged from the tragedy.

"Very quickly we learned this was a community that was going to respond," O'Neill said.

In 30 minutes, the film shows a community that came together to heal.

"For us, telling that part of the story is just as important as telling August 5th," Oak Creek Mayor Steve Scaffidi said.

Kamaljit Saini says his mother would be proud at how the Sikh community has come together -- and how others have united in support for the Sikh community of Oak Creek -- and the Sikh community globally.

"She would be proud of us.  She would be like 'oh my god -- they are really doing this right now,'" Harpreet Saini said.