DNC committee CEO says VP nominee 'will be here' during smaller than anticipated event

Joe Biden's future running mate may speak at the Democratic National Convention in person in Milwaukee, and while Barack and Michelle Obama will speak, we still don't know where. Some speakers will join from Milwaukee -- others from around the country when the DNC begins Aug. 17.

Joe Biden

With 17 days to go until Milwaukee hosts the DNC, where Biden accepts the Democratic nomination for president, and maybe his running mate, whomever she is, FOX6 New spoke with Joe Solmonese, CEO of the Democratic National Convention Committee. 

"The vice presidential nominee will be here," said Solmonese. 

FOX6 News was later told that it is the intention that the future running mate will speak in Milwaukee, but that has not been finalized. In part, because a running mate has not been announced.

Also speaking is former President Obama.

"I don't know that we have confirmed where he will be yet," said Solmonese.

Joe Solmonese

Some will speak in the Brew City; others around the country.

"Maybe they'd be happy to be here, but what they are going to talk about? A particular issue, might be more appropriate to do so from another part of the country that is experiencing the problem that they are talking about," said Solmonese.

In person in Milwaukee could be maybe only a few hundred.

"I think that the vast majority of people who will be there will be there for a reason, either with a speaker, or part of the speaking program, or part of the production crew that is going to be working on the convention," said Solmonese.

The DNC is expected to be much smaller than the 50,000 originally expected.

"This is a time in our country that is certainly sobering, and people have serious questions about the road forward, so I think that this convention should really appropriately reflect that, so you're right, it may not have the exciting, cheering crowds in the way it has in the past, but it will be absolutely appropriate to the moment that we find ourselves in," said Solmonese.

After so many questions as to whether this convention would even take place in person amid this pandemic, there are signs the DNC is indeed almost here.

Solmonese said he's not worried about security, even after news 100+ departments dropped out of DNC duties, some citing worries over the Milwaukee Fire and Police Commission cracking down on the use of tear gas.