DMV begins issuing newly designed licenses, ID cards

MILWAUKEE -- Division of Motor Vehicles officials say those renewing or getting a new Wisconsin driver's license or ID card will notice some very visible changes, including a new color, new graphic images and laser engraving.

The new cards were issued starting March 21st at a few DMV locations.

The new cards will be issued gradually at select customer service centers. All DMV customer service centers will be issuing the new style cards within the next few months. All driver license and ID card holders should know that their current driver license or ID card is valid until its expiration date, including those issued previously in a different style.

The new cards meet driver license and ID standards approved by the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators (AAMVA), and have federally recommended security features designed to avert counterfeiting, reduce the risk of identity theft and decrease fraud.

New colors distinguish license types. Each license type is further distinguished with the use of colored font:
•    Regular driver license - blue
•    Commercial driver license - green
•    Occupational driver license - black
•    Probationary driver license - red
•    Identification card - black
•    Instruction permit - purple