"Diverging diamond interchange" may be coming to SE Wis.

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- The Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) is looking at redoing a stretch of road near I-43 and Brown Deer Road -- which would make the area look very different.

WisDOT is considering what is called a "diverging diamond interchange" -- a design used in other states, but virtually new to Wisconsin.

"It's high-capacity. It allows for a high traffic volume in that intersection. Brown Deer Road obviously, with people going and linking onto I-43 from there, even getting off I-43, it's one reason we've decided that's one way to go," said Brian DeNeve, spokesman for WisDOT.

The design requires drivers to, essentially, cut over to the other side of the road before cutting back. Experts say it's a lot like a one way street. The diverging diamond interchange is also considered safer than the standard diamond.

"As long as they're following the flow of traffic and there are lane markings, there's also a concrete barrier that divides which road they need to be on, as well as stop lights they follow. It shouldn't be that hard to navigate for any driver," said DeNeve. "The advantage of DDI's is since it's not such a steep turning radius, larger vehicles can negotiate them a lot better."

The new design is currently in the corridor study phase with a goal of starting construction around 2020. The next step in the process is discussing the proposal at public meetings in April and May.

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