"Disturbed:" Chief Flynn says BBC's 'Murder in Milwaukee' documentary a misrepresentation of the city

MILWAUKEE -- Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn testified before the Public Safety and Health Committee in light of the BBC's documentary "Murder in Milwaukee."

Flynn said his department was lied to by the producers of the documentary regarding the topic. He said BBC officials pitched the story as looking at the causes of crime, and the operations of MPD. He said once officers were able to view the documentary before it aired, they told BBC officials it was a misrepresentation of the city.

"We were very disturbed about it. We told the BBC that they were going to get back to us and address our concerns, but they never did. Before we knew it, they had a finished product. I thought perhaps there might be some interaction where this might be addressed and some of the interviews they did with positive members of the community would be included, in the event they didn't include anything," Flynn said.

MPD officials said they followed standard ride-along policy when providing access to the BBC.