'District 4 loved this guy:' Fallen Officer Kou Her described as a 'man of honor' by colleagues

Milwaukee Police Officer Kou Her

MILWAUKEE -- Milwaukee Police Officer Kou Her was the second officer from MPD's District 4 to be killed in a little more than a year. Her died following a crash near 60th and Capitol early Tuesday morning, June 18. Her was driving southbound on N. 60th Street after his shift. He was struck by a driver who was traveling westbound on Capitol Drive.

Authorities said the striking driver, with a history of OWI convictions, blew a red light and slammed into Her. That driver was arrested.

The men and women who worked side-by-side with Officer Her start their shift at 4  p.m. daily. They did not get the day off on Tuesday to grieve. They were at work -- leaning on one another for support. This, amid an incredibly difficult year for the Milwaukee Police Department.

Plaque honoring fallen Officer Charles Irvine Jr.

On June 7, police and city leaders held a ceremony marking the one-year anniversary of Officer Charles Irvine's death (who also served with MPD's District 4). He died on June 7, 2018 in a crash during a pursuit near 76th and Silver Spring Drive. Officer Michael Michalski died July 25, 2018 after he was shot while searching for a wanted subject near 28th and Wright. Officer Matthew Rittner died Feb. 6, 2019 after he was shot while serving a search warrant near 12th and Manitoba.

Steven Duckhorn recently retired from District 4. He described Officer Her as a man of honor, someone who had an incredible smile, and someone who was quick with a joke. Duckhorn said news of Officer Her's death was heartbreaking because, just like Irvine, Officer Her had so much life left to live.

Steven Duckhorn

"District 4 loved this guy and respected him -- and my heart goes out so deeply to the men and women on that shift, because they are such an incredible crew," Duckhorn said. "They are very close, and I can't imagine the loss this is for them."

Duckhorn and the police department chaplain told FOX6 News community support goes a long way to help officers cope. If you see an officer, stop and share your condolences and say, "Thank you."

A GoFundMe account has been created by the Her family to help pay for his funeral. CLICK HERE for more information.