Discovery World hosts Pedal Power bicycle exhibit

MILWAUKEE -- From antique to modern, there's a bike everyone will enjoy this week at Discovery World. Discovery World plays host to "Pedal Power," a week-long exploration of everything bikes.

On display this week at Discovery World - 145 years worth of American bicycling technology. "Everything from 1867 to some of the more current models," Scott Wilke from South Shore Cyclery said.

Discovery World visitors can not only check out the history of bicycles, but can also participate in stationary bike races and attend repair clinics, where they can learn how to fix popped tires perform basic bike maintenance. "It empowers people to be able to ride wherever and whenever they want if they know that they can take care of an issue if it does arise," Steve Whitford from South Shore Cyclery said.

Safety seminars will educate people about the rules of the road. "Wear a properly fit helmet, ride in the road, ride in the same direction as traffic, use the proper lanes to make your turns, and be visible and predictable," Jessica Binder with the Bicycle Federation of Wisconsin said.

"It's fun to show my grandchildren the bikes that we rode when we were kids," says Discovery World visitor Carol Beckman.

Bikes of all shapes and sizes are showcased in the exhibit, but Richard Muza will likely draw the most attention with his high wheel. "I just love the view, and I find them to be very graceful to watch them going down the road," Muza said.

Pedal Power is a great way to get a glimpse of history, while moving forward. "It's fun to show my grandchildren the bikes that we rode when we were kids," Discovery World visitor Carol Beckman said.

Pedal power runs through Friday, April 13th. There is no additional cost to the regular admission at Discovery World.

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