Digital billboards demand action from Mayor Barrett in Williams' case

MILWAUKEE -- As you drive around Milwaukee, you may see one of more than 40 digital billboards displaying a smoking gun and demanding justice in the Derek Williams case.

A rotating series of billboards has for the last two weeks demanded Milwaukee police take responsibility for the death of Williams. At the same time, multiple community groups have asked Police Chief Ed Flynn to resign. Now, the new target of those ads appears to be Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett.

Michael Bell bought 43 billboards with money his family won in a settlement after Kenosha police killed his son in 2004.

"I got to meet the Williams family last night and my family shares their pain," Bell told FOX6 News Monday.

During that meeting Sunday night, October 7th, Bell joined other activists in demanding Mayor Barrett get involved.

"I realize it's a very emotional time and I think anyone who had a situation where their son has been shot and died, or a situation where your son died in police custody -- there's gonna be a lot of emotions. What we have said consistently is we need to have a fair investigation," Mayor Barrett said.

Williams was arrested after police claim he robbed a man. While in a squad, dashcam video captured Williams' pleas for help.

The new investigation into Williams' death is being handled by special prosecutor and former Milwaukee County Circuit Court Judge John Franke.

As for the calls to fire Chief Flynn, Bell said, "I think that if Chief Flynn is removed and the laws don't change, you're gonna have the same problem with a new chief."

Bell is asking Mayor Barrett to publicly support the creation of a special state panel to review any police-related deaths.

Chief Flynn has said officers should have responded more quickly to Williams' emergency. However, he defends the original investigation.

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