Deputy uses Narcan to revive man who was stopped on I-94, admits snorting heroin

MILWAUKEE -- A Milwaukee County sheriff's deputy helped revive a 33-year-old Milwaukee man who admits to snorting heroin before driving -- and was stopped on I-94 between 76th and 84th Streets on Monday, Nov. 19.

Officials with the Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office say just after 1 p.m., deputies responded to reports of a reckless driving on westbound I-94. Witnesses reported a vehicle was swerving in and out of traffic -- and then came to a complete stop.

Deputies saw that the driver was unresponsive and showed signs of an opioid overdose. A deputy retrieved Narcan from his squad and administered one nasal dose. The driver had a slight pulse, but continued to be unresponsive. The deputy administered a second dose and began making eye contact and to speak. Milwaukee firefighters arrived on the scene to give treatment and take the man to the hospital. Again, officials say the man admitted to snorting heroin before driving.

The driver was later taken into custody and expected to be charged with OWI. Officials say he is currently on probation for 2nd degree reckless injury.

Officials say a passenger in the vehicle fled the scene before deputies arrived, jumping the median wall and crossing the freeway to evade capture.