Deputies patrol snowmobile trails for impaired drivers

RACINE CO. (WITI) -- With heavy snowfall this winter season, more snowmobilers are getting out on the trails -- and deputies are on the lookout for reckless and impaired drivers.

As more snow comes down, officials see less traffic on the highways and more on the trails. Lt. Dan Klatt is reminding people that booze is bad on both -- and there are rules in place for snowmobilers.

"We, of course, have to look at registration violations, intoxicated operators, and now the state of Wisconsin has a 55 mile per hour speed limit after dark," said Lt. Klatt.

Racine County deputies patrol anywhere sleds go, on the most popular trails and even deep into the fields and woods looking for violations.

"It can be weaving on the trail, it can be violations like not stopping before they cross roads," explained Lt. Klatt.

Lt. Klatt reminds riders that adding alcohol can turn a fun activity deadly. Just over a week ago a snowmobiler was found dead near Caledonia with report indicating alcohol was a factor in the accident.

Anything over a .08 will nab a snowmobiler a ticket, but it will not affect your driver's license. A first offense DUI on the trails will set you back more than $600. Officials want riders to use the same good judgement they would driving on Wisconsin roads.