Democratic recall website hit by cyber attack on eve of Recall Walker launch

The effort to recall Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker begins in a matter of hours, and Monday night, a Recall Walker website was the target of a cyber attack. Democrats sent out an email Monday night, saying the website was attacked, and left only featuring an error message. In a statement, Republicans denied any involvement in attacking the Democratic website, and they say they don't condone anyone who interferes with the recall process.

United Wisconsin is the primary organization behind the recall effort, and the site is described as being the victim of a denial of service attack, or a coordinated, deliberate, and criminal cyber attack.

The Walker recall effort kicks off at midnight Monday night/Tuesday morning, and has been fueled by protests surrounding the controversial collective bargaining bill and Walker's Budget Repair Bill. The protests in the Capitol months ago continue to provide momentum, in an effort to collect more than 540,000 signatures to get the recall election on the ballot sometime in 2012.

Democrats hope to collect close to 600,000 signatures within the next 60 days, just to ensure they have enough, should any of them be invalid. The signatures are due January 17th. Republicans are also launching an effort to detect any fraud in the collection of those signatures through a website: The Recall Integrity Center, where people can report fraud allegations.

Democrats are requesting state and federal officials launch a formal investigation into Monday night's website attack.