Democratic delegates work to build home with Habitat for Humanity

CHARLOTTE, North Carolina -- Labor Day at the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, North Carolina meant Wisconsin's Delegation was free of official responsibilities, but that didn't mean they got the day off! Some did some heavy lifting -- helping build a home with Habitat for Humanity.

Milwaukee's Sachin Chheda is one of more than a dozen Wisconsinites who spent Labor Day helping build a home for disabled military veterans.

"When they said you have a chance to be part of a community service project -- Republicans and Democrats coming together really in the great American tradition of community service, I couldn't say no," Chheda said.

Delegates worked on the "Craftsman House United Project" being supervised by TV's Ty Pennington.

Democrats are working on half of the house. The other half was completed by Republicans at the RNC in Tampa last week.

"In reality, we agree on a lot more than we disagree and it's nice to have things like this that aren't raw politics all the time," David Brickerman said.

Kevin Flaherty is the VP of Marketing for Champion Home Builders and is originally from Bayside, Wisconsin.

"The cause is bringing the parties together and getting their awareness to and their focus on the veteran community and their needs," Flaherty said.

Marvin Finnendale, a former Army sergeant from Superior and Democratic delegate says he wanted to spend his day helping others.

"It's a good cause. You can party everyday of the year. It's Labor Day. Do some labor," Finnendale said.

When the Democrats' half of the house is done, it will be put together with the Republican half. It's really meant to be a symbol that both parties can work together to achieve something.

Tuesday, delegates will get back to the Convention Center where they'll hear from Michelle Obama.