Democrat Rob Zerban announces run for Congress

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- Democrat Rob Zerban made an announcement on Saturday, October 26th that he will be running for Congress in 2014. Zerban hopes to unseat eight-term Republican Congressman Paul Ryan in the upcoming election.

"Today, I am declaring my candidacy for the United States Congress," said Zerban.

Zerban lost to Ryan by 12 percentage points in 2012. It was Ryan's smallest margin of victory since he first took office. At the time, Ryan was serving at Mitt Romney's running mate in the presidential election.

"I think there will be a tremendous amount of pressure on him to make sure he comes back to the area and debates the issues this time, which he refused to do last time," said Zerban, about Ryan.

The Republican Party of Wisconsin issued the following response to Zerban's announcement:

As someone who has attempted to distort Paul Ryan's record in the past, it's clear that Rob Zerban's priorities are not with the voters of his district, but are rather with special interests and their failed attacks against a true reformer.

Zerban will likely face Amar Kaleka in the primary election. Kaleka is the son of the Sikh Temple president who was killed in Oak Creek.

On facing Zerban, Kaleka told FOX6:

I would be honored and humbled to stand side by side with him as we explain to the district, the state, and the American people why our nation is not progressing forward and what our plans are to rectify the situation on a national level on Capitol Hill.

Candidates will no doubt look to supporters for financial contributions. Last year's congressional race was one of the most expensive in the county.