Delivery driver robbed at gunpoint, driven to ATMs by suspects, and he was carrying important cargo

Suspect in armed robbery of delivery driver, who was then forced to withdraw money from ATMs

MILWAUKEE -- Police need your help as they search for multiple suspects accused of robbing a delivery driver who was carrying some very important cargo. The delivery driver was about to drop off a shipment of medication -- and two brothers tell FOX6 News they need that medication to live.

Officials say four suspects approached the 60-year-old male delivery driver in the neighborhood near 79th and Hampton around 8:00 p.m. on Friday, November 20th as he was making a pharmaceutical delivery.

Two of the suspects, one of them armed with a gun, forced the victim into the suspects' vehicle --  and drove him to several ATM machines in order for the victim to withdraw cash.

Video surveillance at an ATM near Hampton and Appleton shows the victim in the front passenger seat and two of the suspects inside the car as well (one in the driver’s seat and the other in the rear passenger side seat).

That delivery driver spoke with FOX6 News on Monday night. He says no ATMs were used, save for the one near Hampton and Appleton where the surveillance image was captured. The suspects were unsuccessful in getting money from the delivery driver from any ATMs because he does not regularly uses ATMs, and didn't know his PIN number.

The driver told FOX6 News he escaped by jumping out of a moving vehicle. He hit his head on the pavement, and he says he was treated for cuts related to that escape.

The driver says all things considered, he's doing OK. He did say, however, that his vehicle was stolen by some of the suspects involved in this incident.

Rob and Zachary Albert say the delivery driver was carrying their medication.

Rob and Zachary Albert

"If I went even close to eight or 12 hours, I`ve ended up in the hospital, maybe even shorter than that," Rob Albert said. "Our blood doesn`t clot, so this enables us to clot better."

The medication, which is delivered to their home, takes care of that.

On Friday night, the medication never came.

Rob and Zachary Albert's medication

"I`ve been having deliveries come my whole life and can`t remember a day that it just didn`t show up," Rob Albert said.

Suspect in armed robbery of delivery driver, who was then forced to withdraw money from ATMs

Police say the suspects in this case approached the delivery driver near the Albert brothers' home.

The good news is that the Albert brothers have enough medication to get by. They say they're actually more concerned for the delivery driver.

"I just want to wish him my best and our thoughts are with him and to not feel like he let us down because he didn`t," Rob Albert said.

The brothers' medication hasn't been recovered. They say it would be a terrible idea for anyone without their condition to take the medication, as it causes blood to clot.

Anyone with information on the suspects is asked to call Milwaukee police at 414-935-7360.