Debate over presidential security gets personal

MILWAUKEE -- The finger pointing over providing presidential security is getting rather personal.

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke was out of town Thursday. But he sent out a scathing response to the elected officials who called him out Wednesday. Clarke says the County Board is getting what it pair for.

Sheriff Clarke says Wednesday, the county budget forced State Patrol to step in to handle the manpower needed for the large number of ramp closures along President Obama's freeway route.

On Thursday, in response to criticism from city and county officials, Clarke released another statement blaming the County Board and County Executive Chris Abele.

The statement said, "They had a chance to restore dignitary protection funding. But in their infinite idiocy, they chose to approve County Executive Abele's elimination of this funding."

Supervisor Biddle agreed the Board made difficult cults. But he says it's up to the Sheriff to run his department. "We don't tell Sheriff Clarke how to use his money, he has the authority to manage his department the way he sees fit," said Biddle.

In his statement, Clarke promised, "This is their budget and I'm going to make them own it...In this presidential election year, it seems this battle has only begun."