Day three of testimony in trial for gynecologist accused of sexual assault

MILWAUKEE -- Testimony continued Wednesday, September 19th for Day Three of the trial against a gynecologist accused of sexually assaulting his patients.

47-year-old Evan Saunders is facing four counts of fourth-degree sexual assault, and four counts of disorderly conduct.

Victims say Saunders violated them and used nerve stimulators while talking inappropriately about orgasms.

Saunders claims he attended a conference focusing on women who cannot orgasm, and was just trying to apply what he had learned.

"That would be in the context of an examination for sexual disfunction and again, that would take place in a very specialized setting," OB/GYN and Medical Director for Planned Parenthood Fredrick Broekhuizen said -- testifying for the prosecution.

The defense fired back, agreeing Saunders may have been inappropriate and failed to communicate with his patients, but says his actions were not malicious.

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