Crowds gather Tuesday night outside Gov. Walker's Wauwatosa home

Hundreds rallied on the streets of Wauwatosa Tuesday night, as protesters set up camp outside the home of Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker, the same day the effort to recall the governor officially kicked off, with volunteers beginning to collect the 540,000 signatures that would trigger a recall election.

A crowd gathered at Juneau High School and accompanied by brass and drums, they marched toward Walker's home. Wauwatosa police and the State Patrol kept the crowds and traffic moving, as the demonstrators descended onto North 68th Street. During the march, people signed petitions to recall both Governor Scott Walker, and Lieutenant Governor Rebecca Kleefisch. One neighbor lent out her yard as a place to gather these signatures, even though she wasn't completely comfortable with her neighborhood hosting the rally.

"It's his home, and I'm not sure that's the best place to do it, but with that said, I also understand what they're trying to accomplish," Karen Smith said.

The demonstration Tuesday night was peaceful, and people on both sides of the debate made their presence known.

"I support their right to do this, but obviously I disagree with their position, but it's been very peaceful," Walker supporter Chris Maurer said.

"The turnout was so good, and the fact that his neighbors did this for us is a really good feeling," Andy Kapfenstein said.

Wauwatosa police say there were no arrests, and the only real issues were pedestrian and traffic jams.