Crews begin removal of crashed plane from river near Mukwonago

MUKWONAGO -- Crews prepared Tuesday to remove the 55-year-old plane that crashed into a river near I-43 close to Mukwonago Monday.

The plane was flying south along I-43 when one of the plane's propellers stopped spinning. The plane went down approximately 400 feet off of I-43, just one mile east of Highway 83.

The 59-year-old pilot from Racine said he was attempting to reach the East Troy airport, but the plane’s engine shut down. The pilot chose to put the plane in the river, rather than land on I-43, as traffic was heavy. Officials reported receiving a number of 911 calls from drivers on I-43, reporting a low-flying plane near the freeway.

The pilot was treated for minor injuries at the scene, but was otherwise okay.