Credit card skimming case: West Allis police need your help to identify two "suspects"

WEST ALLIS -- West Allis police need your help to identify people in regards to skimming credit card information at ATMs.

Officials urge you to view the pictures in this story. Below, officials also included a photo of a typical skimmer that is placed on ATMs -- and can skim credit card information from users.

If you know the suspects or anything related to this incident, contact the West Allis Police Department at 414-302-8000 or remain anonymous by calling Crime Stoppers at (414) 476-CASH.

Person suspected of credit card skimming

When using an ATM, you're urged to be aware of your surroundings and the ATM itself. If something looks or seems unusual, do not use the ATM and call police.

Typical ATM credit card skimmer