Crane continues to dangle over Manhattan

NEW YORK (CNN) -- Affixed to a high-rise apartment building in one of midtown Manhattan's more coveted locations, the arm of a construction crane damaged by Superstorm Sandy continued to dangle perilously 90 stories above New York City.

Police have cordoned off the area around the base of the One57 building on West 57th street, as New Yorkers began to recover from a rare convergence of weather systems that killed at least 15 people across the state.

The arm can be seen slowly swaying atop the building, which remains under construction.

Mayor Michael Bloomberg said the surrounding area, including the posh Le Parker Meridien hotel, has since been evacuated.

"We're sorry for the inconvenience, but better safe than sorry," the mayor said during a news conference.

As gusts of up to 60 mph barreled through New York, the crane was damaged Monday afternoon, according to Mary Costello, senior vice president for Lend Lease, the property group managing the site.

"The hurricane storm winds have pushed the crane boom over the cab section of the high-rise crane at One 57th Street," she said.

Meanwhile, New Yorkers continued to peer skyward toward the unusual and potentially dangerous scene.