Couple wanted for Kenosha murder arrested in Puerto Rico

Alex Delgado-Cintron (L) and Maria Patino (R)

KENOSHA -- A couple wanted for first-degree murder in Kenosha was arrested by U.S. Marshals in Puerto Rico.

Alex Delgado-Cintron, 22, and Maria Patino, 37, were wanted in connection to a deadly shooting on Dec. 5 that killed one man and injured another.

According to investigators, both suspects fled to Puerto Rico after the incident. The Great Lakes Regional Fugitive Task Force (GLRFTF) and Puerto Rico Violent Offenders Task Force (PRVOTF) investigation located both fugitives staying with relatives of Delgado-Cintron in the Puerto Rican town of Cayey.

According to a criminal complaint, Kenosha police were called to the fatal shooting near 14th Avenue and 40th Street in Kenosha around 12:30 a.m. on Dec. 5. There, police found a man shot several times; he was taken to the hospital alive. Another man, also shot several times, appeared to be dead upon arrival as determined by police and EMT crews.

The surviving victim told police, according to the complaint, that he and the other victim were playing video games the night of the shooting. The deceased said he had been messaging a woman who owed him money and that she was coming over. After she arrived, she said she forgot something in her car and would be right back. According to the surviving victim, the deceased told her to "go take care of business" and that the door would be open. Approximately two minutes later, the victim told police that a masked man entered the room and began firing shots -- first at the deceased, then at him. The victim also told police that the shooter asked "where are the bricks," dug through the deceased's pockets, shot him several more times and left.

A police review of video surveillance from nearby locations identified a possible suspect vehicle just south of the scene at around the time of the shooting. The video showed two people getting out of the vehicle and entering the residence around the time of the shooting before running out of the residence and fleeing in the vehicle. An investigation into the vehicle found it to be registered to Delgado-Cintron. A forensic review of the deceased's cell phone found messages to Patino.

The complaint states that a family member of Delgado-Cintron told police that he and his girlfriend, Patino, had fled to Puerto Rico shortly after the shooting. In the family member's statement, they said that Delgado-Cintron claimed self-defense in the shooting and that he told said: "he had to kill some people because they were trying to kill him." When the family member showed Delgado-Cintron photos of the victims, the complaint states that he "insisted" that he had killed them. The family member also stated that Delgado-Cintron said he and Patino went to the apartment under the premise that Patino was going to buy drugs.

Delgado-Cintron and Patino are each charged with one count of first-degree intentional homicide-party to a crime, use of a dangerous weapon and one count of attempted first-degree intentional homicide-party to a crime, use of a dangerous weapon.

They are both due in court on March 5 for a preliminary hearing.

Both suspects were located and apprehended without incident on Dec. 30. Both were released to the custody of the Puerto Rico Police Extradition Unit.