Continuing need for cold-weather clothing for MPS kids

MILWAUKEE -- Despite southeastern Wisconsin's unusually warm winter weather, Milwaukee Public School officials say warm clothing donations are always welcome!

Marilynn Douglas, a social worker at Oliver Wendell Holmes Elementary School says donations of warm clothing continue to be welcome at Milwaukee Public Schools. "We saw lots of kids that needed items that they didn't have, and times are harder now, so we see even more of a need," Douglas said.

Susan Schmidt is the founder of the Scooter Foundation, based out of her Bay View home. In its fifth year, the foundation is trying to keep up with the growing need for donations of clothing, money and just about anything else students could use. "She dropped off about 20 bags before Christmas, so we finally got it organized," Douglas said. "You're talking about a sweater, versus a warm-jacket. They can't go outside in a sweater, even if it's mild," Schmidt said.

MPS Homeless Education Program Coordinator, Kimberly Kampschroer says with more than 2,400 homeless MPS students identified so far this year, having other essential needs addressed becomes more critical. "To be able to provide them with winter-gear is invaluable," Kampschroer said.

If you're interested in making a donation to local students in need, you are encouraged to contact an MPS school of your choice, or you can connect with the Scooter Foundation by CLICKING HERE.