Contact 6 helps viewers get nearly $18,000 in refunds in March

From canceled flights to problematic home repairs, consumers have been turning to Contact 6 during the coronavirus pandemic.

Contact 6’s Jenna Sachs is pulling back the curtain on a few cases that saved FOX6 viewers hundreds, even thousands of dollars, during March 2020.

After losing her husband to the coronavirus, Pamela Phillips was about to lose her family’s car, too, over a title loan.

"When I lost my husband, I lost a lot of income," said Phillips. "I got a letter saying if I don’t get the money paid, they were going to [repossess] my car."

Phillips said she’d already paid the initial balance back three times over.

"That's when I figured, well, I have to do something. Let me try Contact 6 and see what they're going to do," said Phillips.

Contact 6’s case manager, Annette, reached out to the Payday lender on Phillips’ behalf. The Payday lender told Annette the "matter is being handled with the customer in question privately and we believe she will be satisfied with the outcome."

Soon after, Phillips says she was contacted by the Payday lender.

"They gave me back my title and said I told me I was done with my payments," said Phillips.

Last year, Contact 6 also helped Phillips obtain more than $4,000 in rent assistance, allowing her family to remain in their home.

In March 2020, Contact 6 assisted FOX6 viewers with obtaining $17,949.82 in refunds.

One of those refunds went to Ben Spargur. He filed a complaint with Contact 6 claiming his tankless water heater had been installed incorrectly, leaving his family without hot water for three weeks, in the dead of winter.

"Once I got you guys involved, right from the get-go, I got answers almost immediately," said Spargur. "The original installers came out, they fixed what they did wrong."

Ben Spargur

Ben Spargur

Spargur says he also received a refund for the cost of installation.

Throughout March, Contact 6 also helped viewers resolve issues with cell phone companies, an Internet provider and a used appliance store. Contact 6 assisted with a car repair refund and helped get a broken window fixed.

Kevin Eggert filled a Contact 6 complaint form after failed efforts to get a full refund for canceled flights to Singapore.

"We booked it to celebrate our daughter graduating high school," said Eggert. "I wish I would have reached out to Contact 6 earlier, quite honestly."

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After Annette reached out to the third-party travel website, it promptly sent Kevin $1,420.

"I had probably 30 to 40 hours on the phone trying to get this money back and I called Contact 6 and you guys had it done within a week," said Eggert.

Kevin Eggert

Kevin Eggert

Consumers often tell Contact 6 they’ve spent hours making phone calls, trying to speak with a live person at a company about their problem. When Contact 6 is able to help, it’s often simply by getting the complaint into the hands of the right person.

To find out if Contact 6 can assist you with a problem, you can fill out a complaint form.


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