Contact 6 helps resolve five year long dispute between Wauwatosa woman and AT&T

Trouble with phone service has pushed one viewer to ask Contact 6 for help. FOX6's Katrina Cravy was called to Wauwatosa, where some neighbors say they are stuck in a dead zone.

Swamped with bills and no relief in sight, Darnelle Kaishian says her summer has wasted away. "This has been a full-time job for me. Honest to God."

Kaishian spent her summer fighting with AT&T about her home phone service, which she says is practically non existent. "I'll pick up the phone during the day. The phone is dead. I will get calls that go straight to voicemail. The phone does not ring out loud in the house," she says. "Most of the time people either get a busy signal. They'll get a recording that says this line is being checked for trouble or this phone has been disconnected."

The phone problems have also taken a personal toll. Kaishian says, "There was a scare that my mother-in-law might have had a heart attack and paramedics couldn't reach me. My daughter fainted on a field trip from a severe migraine and she was in Chicago, and the school could not reach me."

Kaishian says the problem dates back nearly five years, and affects much of her neighborhood. She says, "This is a situation where they need to pay back. It's been five years. It's my personal time. It wasn't till a couple months ago until I started getting ugly."

She sent multiple e-mails to AT&T customer service department, dating back almost nine months. They've replied sympathizing with her frustration, but offered a few solutions.

An AT&T Rep issued an official statement to Contact 6 saying technicians have not been able to find any problems with her line, and says she should not have continuing issues.

In good faith, AT&T to waive her current balance and the early termination fee.