Confident Gov. Scott Walker says he's got his mojo back after Ted Cruz win

MADISON — Gov. Scott Walker says in the wake of Ted Cruz and Rebecca Bradley's wins in Wisconsin, he's "absolutely" gotten his mojo back.

Walker backed Cruz and appointed Bradley to the Supreme Court. They both won big in Tuesday's election, giving Walker a boost six months after he dropped his presidential bid.

Walker told WTMJ radio on Wednesday that "anyone who doubts we're not back and re-engaged in Wisconsin, they don't doubt it after last night."

He even is going so far as to compare himself to Green Bay Packers quarterbacks Aaron Rodgers and Brett Favre. Walker used the analogy when talking about Donald Trump's decision to attack him while campaigning in the state.

Walker says Trump's strategy "would have been like coming into Lambeau Field and taking a whack" at Rodgers or Favre.