Community members reaching out to help family of Officer Vrtochnick

MILWAUKEE -- Community members are reaching out to help the family of Milwaukee Police Officer Frank Vrtochnick, who was hit by a car on Christmas Day.

One of the people making donations is Emmanuel Mamalakis. He is donating $2,500 to the Vrtochnick's family and is urging others do make donations as well. Mamalakis wants people to think about - what if it was your family member in that situation?

"If they're protecting us, my goodness, in an extreme case where they're going to have permanent injury either way or suffering either way, at minimum, we should at least be protecting them and their families," Mamatakis said.

Mamalakis says he plans on knocking on doors of big corporations to put together a larger fund. Plans for an annual banquet dinner is also in the works.

Also making donations is the Surg Restaurant Group co-owner and president, Omar Shaikh. He donated $500 and a gift certificate to his restaurant.

The accused hit-and-run driver, 19-year-old Juan Alvarado was arrested in Chicago and was expedited to Milwaukee on Friday. Officer Vrtochnick is still in critical condition at the hospital.