Common Council votes not to reconsider historic designation for Sydney Hih

MILWAUKEE -- The days are numbered for Milwaukee's downtown Sydney Hih building after a 13 to 2 Milwaukee Common Council vote not to reconsider historic designation for the complex. With the vote, Sidney Hih can now be torn down for re-development.

The aging Sidney Hih building hosted many businesses and bands, including Nirvana, Pearl Jam and Smashing Pumpkins.

Over a century old, Sidney Hih is called a part of history by some, and an eyesore by others.

"I think it's more than just a skyline. It's part of the soul and the culture and history of Milwaukee. It's been used for well over 130 years with much success,"

The Sidney Hih building is wedged between a construction zone and new development. The building once hosted small businesses, emerging artists and musicians.

Tuesday, Milwaukee city leaders paved the way for the building to potentially be demolished.

Supporters said if built from the ground up, it could bring jobs and development.

After a flurry of attempts to stop or stall the decision by groups hoping to save the aging building, a vote made the decision final Tuesday.

Noah Skowronski is part of a group that wanted city leaders to work with a developer to try to refurbish the building. He says he fears the city squandered that opportunity, believing Milwaukee's Common Council turned its back on the structure and what it stands for.

"We're forgetting all those small business owners and all those artists as if they don't even matter," Skowronski said.

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