Common Council bans e-cigarettes on city property, in public spaces where smoking's banned

MILWAUKEE -- The Milwaukee Common Council on Wednesday, June 20 voted unanimously to ban e-cigarettes on city property and in public spaces where smoking is prohibited under state law.

According to a news release, this legislation is the latest in a three-prong effort to increase public health related to tobacco use.

The first item increases fines for those who sell tobacco to minors. It also increases the fine for retailers selling single cigarettes, known as “loosies” to $691. The fine for selling single cigarettes had been $181 for a first offense and $321 for second and subsequent offenses.

The move to increase fines was instituted in May by the Municipal Court, the release says.

The second item -- passed by the Common Council on May 30 -- prohibits the sale of e-cigarettes to minors, aligning local ordinance with current state statute.

The third item, passed Wednesday by the Common Council, prohibits use of e-cigarettes on city property and in places where state law currently bans smoking.