Co. Exec. Chris Abele announces energy saving challenge

MILWAUKEE (WITI) -- County Executive Chris Abele is announcing an Earth Day initiative to lower energy usage in county buildings, a move that will help the environment and save tax dollars.

The “Kill-a-Watt” Challenge kicks off Monday, April 22nd countywide, with a goal of reducing electricity use per square foot by at least two percent over the next six months. Every two percent reduction saves approximately $100,000 in electricity costs and reduces carbon emissions by about 983 tons - equivalent to removing 200 vehicles from the road for a year.

“There is no better way to mark Earth Day than to take proactive steps to help the environment,” Abele said. “While this challenge is aimed at county facilities, energy conservation is something every person can do to reduce their environmental impact and save money.”

The Milwaukee County Office of Sustainability will oversee the “Kill-a-Watt” Challenge and encourage all employees to take part by adopting energy conservation practices into their daily routine, including switching off lights and turning off computers at the end of the day.

The Office of Sustainability will be reporting on the success of the “Kill-a-Watt” Challenge and sharing energy saving tips on the program website (, on Facebook ( and Twitter (@MKECoSustain).