Chris Abele, Chris Larson court voters in Milwaukee county executive race; election April 5th

MILWAUKEE -- The spring primary election in Wisconsin is Tuesday, April 5th, and on Sunday, Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele and his challenger, Senator Chris Larson continued their efforts to court voters in Milwaukee County.

Senator Larson on Sunday, April 3rd attended a church service at Mount Sinai Community Baptist Church and town hall events in Bay View and at the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Center.

County Executive Abele attended a dedication service for the Salvation Army's Cold Spring Church and Community Center on Sunday afternoon.

"I'm hearing a lot of great feedback. People like the progress we've made over the last five years," Abele said.

"I think people are ready for change. People are ready for new leadership. People don't like they way things are heading right now," Larson said.

The polls open at 7:00 a.m. on Tuesday, April 5th.