Children's Wisconsin staff gets 1st wave of COVID vaccine

Coronavirus vaccines continue to be given to health care workers in southeastern Wisconsin, and some have shared enthusiasm with FOX6 News about how it has gone the first few days.

The Pfizer vaccine is still in the process of being distributed to all health care professionals at Children's Wisconsin. They say it will help them keep all the children safe -- especially since those children are not able to take the vaccine.

Dave Margolis

"I feel great, I’ve had no side effects. I feel good," said Dr. Dave Margolis with Children's Wisconsin and the Medical College of Wisconsin.

At Children's Wisconsin, Margolis works with some of the most vulnerable children in the state.

"With COVID, we very much worry about our children who are immune-compromised; I’m a bone marrow transplant doctor. Those are the kids that we worry most about," Margolis said.

Dave Margolis

Margolis was given his first round of the COVID-19 vaccine on Thursday, Dec. 17.

"We’re all trying to keep the staff safe so they can keep the patients safe," said Margolis. "I feel good. I’m happy I got it, no different from any other vaccine, a little bit of tenderness there but really not a big deal.

"I look forward to the date my family can get it, I look forward to the date my friends can get it."

With the Moderna vaccine now approved for emergency use as well, local hospitals will be expecting more shipments and for all staff members to be vaccinated soon -- encouraging others to do the same.

"Vaccines work. We’ve known for generations that vaccines work, and this vaccine went through clinical trials, and the data show that it is safe and effective," Margolis said. "Some of the viruses that used to kill many, many, such as polio, are prevented with vaccines and now, fortunately, COVID-19 joins that list."

Staff members are offering their feedback to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, letting them know how they feel since taking the shot in hopes of helping them as they continue to roll out doses.

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